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St. Mary's students raising money for new school


When individuals come together to support a shared goal, the community becomes empowered, and the success of collective action is elevated. We want your voice to be heard and your ideas to make a difference.


Your monetary or in-kind donations are greatly appreciated as we move forward to build a modern, accessible, and up-to-date learning facility for our children and teachers.

Monetary Giving Links:

Furnishings Campaign

Capital Campaign

Monetary Donations to the Campaign

To make an online donation today, please complete the icon above.

If you are interested in pledging over five years, please contact Nancy Grotluschen in the parish office at or 218-643-5173 or mail checks to:

St. Mary's Church

221 North 4th Street

Breckenridge, MN 56520

Alternative Ways To Give


When giving a commodity, the donor must transfer the title to St. Mary’s before it is sold. For example, if the donor delivers the commodity (grain) to the elevator, the warehouse or storage receipt must be made out to St. Mary’s.

Appreciated Stocks, Bonds & Real Estate

Funding charitable giving with appreciated stocks, bonds and real estate may be advantageous to you and the campaign. In most cases, you will avoid paying any capital gains taxes while receiving a full-value charitable deduction. To claim these benefits, stocks/bonds must be transferred to St. Mary’s rather than selling them and donating the proceeds.


Individual Retirement Account

Money from your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can be donated to St. Mary’s. If you have reached an age where you need to make required minimum distributions (RMDs), you can avoid paying taxes by donating your RMDs. To ensure donations meet IRS rules, please work with your financial advisor and/or IRA administrator.

Gifts from the Cash Value of Life Insurance

Accumulated cash in insurance policies can be contributed.

Corporate Matching Gift

Many companies offer matching gift programs. A corporate match may allow you to double or even triple the impact of your gift!

How do you secure a matching gift to St. Mary’s Capital


1. Make your gift to the campaign.

2. Check with your employer’s HR department to see if

a Matching Gift Program exists.

3. Ask HR for a copy of the Matching Gift Form, and

complete your portion.

4. Submit the Matching Gift Form to St. Mary’s!

In-Kind Contributions

Gifts of professional services, volunteering and/or materials for building can be contributed to the campaign and help reduce costs.

Thanks for your generosity! We will contact you soon.

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